Mapicture Medstat

In Mapictures Medstat, you can select one or several ATC codes, view consumption per 1,000 inhabitants and maps of turnover together with charts of the data.

You can choose Denmark (regions) or Norway (fylkes) an select one of several layouts.

Also, you can create your own groups of ATC codes to make quick and convenient comparisons.

Data is updated once a year by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority and it contains data for all years from 2005 to 2012.

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Catchment Area

Using Mapicture's catchment area analyses, you can map out the time spent travelling to one or more addresses.

Our service calculates travelling times from any stop or address in the country and generates catchment area maps over specialized doctors, hospitals, etc.

You can adjust settings for times, numbers of shifts and whether to calculate catchment areas for one or more areas. The result is displayed on a convenient overview map with transportation times shown in colour-coded areas.

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Mapicture Multimap

The Mapicture Multi-Map is particularly useful for visualizations of data that has both a geographical and a temporal dimension. This could be the number of real estate sales per municipality per year.

Using this product requires no prior knowledge of maps (GIS) or programming, and these interactive maps are very easily produced if you have basic knowledge of Excel spreadsheets.

When data has been entered into the Multi-Map via Excelan animated movie of the developments over time.

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